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Dotor Who - The Auction

On the 24th of February 2010 Bonhams in knightsbridge will be holding an auction of props and costumes from the BBC archive’s, the items are what was on display at various exhibitions around the country over the years. Lots will feature Daleks, Cybermen, Monsters and lead actor pieces, this is without doubt the last chance many fans will get to acquire genuine items from direct from the BBC archive, not to be missed!!!!!!!!!!

May 2008

Next month sees the Annual Bonhams Entertainment auction and Doctor has heard that there will be a "number of Doctor Who Props" in the Auction! As soon as we have more details they will be posted hear!!!

July 2007

After a few month without any interesting items comming up for sale this item is currently available on ebay. It is an original hand prop from the seventh Doctor's first story. It belonged to producer John Nathan Turner and was sold as part of his estate at Bonhams in 2005.

Click here to view the prop >>

March 2007

On March the 6th 2007 Bonhams are holding an auction of costumes from the archives of angels the costumiers including some important Doctor Who pieces. They include.

1. Patrick Troughtons trousers used in the publicity photos for 'The Three Doctors'.
2. Tom Baker's frock coat from 'Pyramids of Mars', 'Hand of Fear' and 'Deadly Assasin'.
3. Magnus Greal's cape from 'Talons of Weng Chiang'.

More info can be found at

January 2007

Happy New Year to you all. More photographs have been added to the exhibits page of the Doctor Who display held by the BBC in Blackpool. Also on the exhibits page the Spaceport photographs have been added.
On the costumes page the 10th Doctor's trainers have been added as well as Cyberman's boots.

November 2006

Children In Need Charity auction on ebay will be auctioning some fantastic pieces from the new series of Doctor Who.

the items are:

Genesis Ark
Sycrorax Helmet
Rose's top from New Earth
the Doctors trainers

expect these items to go for very large amounts!!!

click here to view the items >>

Also on the same night of Friday the 17th there is a Doctor Who celebration event, were David Tennant will also be auctioning of some items, they include:

Sycrorax Staff
Parallel Jump Transporter
Sanctuary Base Wrist Band
2 sets of Ear Pods
Bottle of Vitex

October 2006

Original piece up for auction on ebay "tardis tool box". This item is a conventional tool box sprayed in various colours and it appeared in a few Davidson story' s click here >>

Spaceport Museum in Merseyside is hosting an exhibition of props and costumes from the new series from Saturday 30th September 2006 to Thursday 4th January 2007. View Photographs >>

Prop bank notes from the 4th coming Christmas Special are appearing on ebay, the notes are a great way of owning an original prop as they are selling for relative small amounts, although hundreds were printed they make a great display item.

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photographs by Craig Brough

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